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Maki Combo
1 roll of each, California roll spicy tuna roll, eel avocado roll

Spicy Maki Combo
1 roll o each spicy tuna roll, spicy salmon roll, spicy yeliowtail roll

Sushi Dinner
10 pcs. of assorted sushi with a California roll

Sashimi Dinner
18 pcs. of assorted sashimi (served w. soup or salad)

Chirashi Dinner
Assorted sashimi accompanied w. sushi rice

Sushi & sashimi Combo
5 pcs. sushi, 12 pcs sashimi with a California roll

Tri Color Entrée
5 pcs. each of tuna, salmon, yellowtail (sushi or sashimi)

Love Boat (for two)
12 pcs. SUSHI, 18 pcs. sashimi, spicy tuna roll , green dragon roll