Special Roll

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Dynamite Roll
Spicy mixed tuna, salmon, yellowtail crunch cucumber avocado in giant roll

Naruto TOll (Rice-Less)
Choice of any fish wrapped in a thinly sliced cucumber

Spring Jamie Roll (Cooked)
Shrimp, crab, avocado inside out roll fried in tempura batter with special sauce

Haven Roll
Tuna salmon, yellowtail, avocado, banana, inside fried tempura butter caviar scallion outside

Autumn Roll
Spicy yellowtail, sweet pepper, crunch inside, spicy kani outside and tobiko on the top

Tiger Tail Roll
Spicy crabmeat, mixed inside fresh salmon avocado outside

Volcano Roll
Shrimp tempura inside spicy tuna, caviar, crunch outside

Luise Roll (Cooked)
Shrimp tempura inside spicy crabmeat salad outside

Rainbow Roll
Crab, cucumber, avocado, inside tuna, salmon, white fish outside

Green Dragon Roll
Eel, cucumber inside avocado outside

Three Ladies Roll
Tuna, salmon, white fish, asparagus inside, lobster salad outside, tobiko on the top

Reef sandwiches (Cooked)
Tuna, white tuna, crab, avocado in sandwiches fried in tempura batter with special sauce

Lobster Special Roll  (Cooked)
Tempura lobster tail, avocado, mango cucumber, asparagus in a giant roll

Tani’s Sashimi Wrap  (Rice-Less)
Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado caviar& lettuce wrapped in special color seaweed with special sauce

EeL Special Roll (Cooked)
Shrimp tempura inside eel, avocado tempura, crunch outside

Firehouse Roll
Crab, cucumber, avocado inside smoked salmon, eel, crunch outside

Precious Roll
Spicy Tuna, inside eel, avocado, crunch, outside

Special Dragon Roll
Tempura crab, cucumber inside crabmeat, eel, avocado, outside

Fantastic Roll
Giant roll with tuna, salmon, yellowtail cucumber, avocado, mayo & tobiko color seaweed

Orange Dragon Roll
Salmon tempura inside fresh salmon, avocado tempura, crunch outside

Tuna Dragon Roll
Spicy tuna inside fresh tuna, avocado outside

Dan Roll
Spicy yellowtail, avocado inside fresh Yellowtail ,Jalapeno, salmon roe outside

Spicy Girl Roll
Crab, avocado, mango inside spicy tuna salmon yellowtail mixed outside caviar crunch

Tropical Roll
Spicy salmon, banana, crunch inside Fresh tuna, mango, avocado outside

Red & White Roll
White tuna, avocado, jalapeno inside, red tuna, white tuna outside wasabi mayo, scallion on the top

New Year Roll
Spicy tuna, avocado, shrimp tempura in the color seaweed, Lobster, caviar on thetop

Geisha Roll (Cooked)
Smoked salmon, eel, avocado, cream cheese tempura shrimp in color seaweed

True Love Roll
Eel, tuna, crab, avocado, banana in color seaweed

California king Crab Roll (Cooked)
king crab, cucumber, avocado, inside Caviar outside w. color seaweed

Dinosaur Roll
Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, avocado inside whole soft shell crab tempura outside

Snow Lobster Roll
Steam lobster tail, avocado, cucumber, spicy tuna, wrapped in marble seaweed